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I am a creative software developer with an interest in coding all things graphical

The real time computer generated visuals on this site where scripted using my visualization engine. No images, video, or geometry and one JavaScript math library where used in the making of this site.

The site is an ongoing personal project its goal to explore my passion for graphics code in this instance in a browser using mostly WebGL. My challenge: To produce at least one new code doodle every week for the next year. Please follow this challenge at b3n_co.

I have been working professionally in the digital media production industry for fifteen years and specialize in producing dynamic interactive software for apps, websites, digital signage, games and presentations.

I currently work as head of software development at Smart Cookie. We work at the cutting edge of digital media producing content for leading brands. My role is to lead my amazing dev team, bridge the design code workflow, and continually push the boundaries of current technology allowing us to produce unique stand out content for our clients.

My name is Benjamin Fryer, if you need to contact me please send email to ben @ the domain name of this web site.